Lerntypentest durchführen

The Learner-Type Test is based on self-assessment. It contains 48 personality traits grouped in pairs. Please choose spontaneously one term per line, which fits best to you.

At the end, click the "Show my results" button to see your results. In addition we´ll send you an email with your results and a link to return to the analysis any time. All transferred data are encrypted.

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traditional sensitive
imaginative inquiring
industrious sentimental
problem-oriented foresighted
creative controlled
independent character emotional
sensitive intellectual
social organized
theoretical pragmatical
thinking wholistically pays attention to detail
developing ideas realizing ideas
analysing benevolent
imagination focused on the subject
reliable independent character
new ideas rational
controlled emotional
pays attention to detail sentimental
interdisciplinary thinking tactful
eloquent developing concepts
technical talent social-minded
organisational talent rational
structured mind graphical thinking
mathematical thinking methodical acting
technical skills dominant personality
emotional persevering
realistic controlled
determined eager for knowledge
open to the new diligent
confident sensitive
intellectual-rational enthusiastic
reliable team spirit
logical open to the people
sudden ideas realistic
avoiding risks flexible
enthusiastic open-minded
critical thinking practice-oriented acting
realistic concerned about fellow beings
problem-oriented organized
administrative skills rhetorically talented
reserved risk-taking
sudden ideas kind
creative way of thinking technical talent
integrative controlled
creative emotional analytical thinking
traditional conservative sensitive
kind clever
with a view of the whole logical skills
industrious acting step-by-step
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